Korean beauty is becoming increasingly recognised across the globe for its quality and innovation. Our dedication to curating the best products, coupled with a distinguished shopping experience, has made CY House synonymous with Korean beauty in Australia.

Every brand that we stock is tested and approved by our team to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of skincare with the range that we offer. Our hand picked selection comprises of not only established players like Missha and Innisfree, but also fresh favourites like COSRX and Neogen. We listen to your suggestions on what to bring to Australia next, and that's what makes the Korean beauty at CY House so special.

We're also committed to changing the world for good. We believe that consumers have power, and we're doing something with it. CY House is a proud partner of One Girl, an Australian charity committed to educating girls in Africa. A percentage of every purchase made here goes towards changing the lives of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. You're helping change the world, one girl at a time.

CY House aims to continue pioneering the Australian Korean beauty scene. We thank our customers for sharing their knowledge through reviews, and strive to surpass expectations with every new order.

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