All You Need to Know about Double Cleansing

Double cleansing may be one of the greatest gifts that Asian skincare brands have given the beauty world. The process of first removing makeup and sunscreen with a first cleanser, then cleansing your face again with a second may seem strange and redundant at first. Once you’ve tried it out, you’ll find that it’s actually convenient, beneficial and something you won’t ever want to go back from.

The first step in this two part cleansing routine is the first cleanser, also commonly referred to as an oil cleanser. Cleansing oils were first invented by prominent Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura in 1960, who believed that achieving healthy skin was the most important part of makeup. These cleansing oils do not come cheap, which makes us extra grateful for all the more affordable but high performance first cleansers on the market today thanks to K-beauty. We're seeing this product offered in oil, gel and balm forms and the variety just keeps getting better.

First cleansers should be gently spread all over your makeup and sunscreen and massaged in. You will feel the entirety of your makeup dissolving under the heat of your fingertips (even that waterproof mascara that you can never seem to remove without removing your eyelashes in the process too!). Once the makeup has been dissolved, simply splash some water on your face to emulsify the cleanser, which will turn a milky colour.

This can now be easily rinsed off, leaving skin that is free from all traces of foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and what not. That’s why at CY House we love oil cleansers, especially compared to wiping makeup off bit by bit using old school makeup wipes. These wipes can be strenuous and time-consuming, not to mention the damage that continuous tugging causes on skin. Life hardly gets more satisfying than effortlessly taking your makeup in less than a minute when you’ve had a long, tiring day.

What’s the best first cleanser in the market right now?

The Heimish All Clean Balm has a cult-like following, and it’s not hard to see why. The soft, buttery texture feels like heaven on the skin. It’s thick enough to not slide down your hands, but thin enough to spread easily across your face. The light, inoffensive herbal scent makes for a particularly relaxing experience in the bathroom. Most importantly, it removes makeup faster and more efficiently than anything else that we (or our fellow beauty lovers who loved it enough to leave glowing reviews) have ever tried. To top it off, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and can seriously serve as bathroom decoration.

Once makeup and sunscreen are completely washed off, it's time to give your skin a deep and thorough cleanse using a second cleanser, also known as a water cleanser. This step cleans off the residue from the first cleanser as well as deep within your pores to ensure that nothing is clogging them up to cause problems like acne.

Second cleansers lather up and should be applied to the face in circular motions. This can be done the old fashioned way using your fingers by rubbing your hands together to create the lather and then massaging it on your face. If you like a bit more fun, you can also pair the cleanser with a Konjac sponge to provide gentle physical exfoliation at the same time. The soft, jelly-like texture of Konjac sponges make them a fantastic choice for sensitive skin. After about a minute (or thirty seconds, whatever is your preference), rinse off the foam with water. You should now apply your toner.

Sweet! Now recommend me a good second cleanser.

Neogen is one of the most innovative brands out of South Korea. It's also established on the global stage, being stocked at Sephora in the US. Their collection of products showcases the very best of skincare technology and the Real Fresh Foam cleanser is no exception. This cleanser is available at CY House in three delicious flavours (cranberry, cereal and green tea) and comes out of the pump as foam, so it's extra convenient. We find that this cleanser leaves skin clean feeling clean but without the feeling of tightness that results from excessively harsh cleansers. This make this gorgeous bottle of magic suitable for both dry, oily and sensitive skin. Each bottle is also infused with extracts that treat the skin while you're cleaning it. What is there not to love?!

It is crucial to maintain a good cleansing routine. Skin that has not been cleaned properly contains dirt and oil that may be hindering skincare products from achieving their full potential, as the active ingredients are blocked from being completely absorbed into the skin. By following the double cleansing routine, you are not only making sure that you're doing the cleansing right, but also the treating and hydrating that follows. 

At CY House, we stock a specially curated range of the best Korean beauty products for every step of your routine. Shop our oil cleansers and water cleansers today for clear, glowing skin!



Thanks for this informative blog post! I didn’t know makeup wipes were so bad for the skin.

Apr 08, 2018

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